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Reviews for Robert Dorman, MD


In December of 2021 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer HER2 +. He placed my Mediport in January 2022, and on May 27, 2022, Dr. Dorman performed my Bilateral Mastectomy at UT Hospital in Athens, Tx. I was very suprised that a smaller hospital, out of the way, had such an amazing and capable surgeon and the means to perform a surgery of this magnitude! The attention to detail and overall experience was wonderful! He showed compassion and was very supportive through this entire process. I am confident in his knowledge and capability as a Surgeon and would highly recommend him to anyone! After my surgery I received the BEST NEWS of all from him, pathology came back and it was negative for cancer! Through this entire journey he stuck with me, encouraged me and With his support I can proudly say, I Finished The Fight and WON! #breastcancersurvivor

   — Melisa Collum


The office space was very nice and the personnel were cheerful and well groomed for their position. Dr. Dorman was very thorough and straight forward. He gave us great advice. I would recommend him to anybody who is needing a general surgeon.

   — Trudie Gauntt


Dr. Dorman has been my physician for 30 years or more. He has always been professional, caring, and above all, knowledgeable.

   — Debbie Davies


Dr Dorman is incredible he actually sits down and listens

   — Sonja Quillin

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