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Reviews for Rebecca Cali, MD


Dr. Cali is very knowledgeable & professional. She did a very good job at resolving my issues.

   — Tommy


Dr. Cali is the very definition of what you look for in a physician.She is caring, compassionate, and so very talented. She has taken such good care of my wife and she always takes the time to explain every procedure and option. If you have any issues that fall under her field you could absolutely not find anyone better. David Moore

   — David Moore


I worked with her in Md. would like her email. Mine is Please have her touch base with me.

   — Cyndi Simanski


everything was perfect.

   — Tom Conner


Dr. Cali is beyond wonderful, professional and caring! She literally saved my life when I lost 7 units of blood. I'm very fortunate to have her as my colorectal surgeon.

   — Sheila Brown


Dr Cali is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain everything and answer any questions.

   — Joyce B


My husband has seen Dr. Cali on two occasions, and cannot say enough good about her. She puts her patients at ease and is very knowledgeable and professional. We both liked her instantly and recommend her highly.

   — Ann Patton


She is a great doctor !

   — Ronnie Collins


Surgical procedure August 26, 2022

   — Angie Matthews


I'm currently healing from my surgery preformed yesterday. Dr. Cali intricately laid out a plan for surgery, pre op, and post op. She went through every step of the process throughly. Dr. Cali is incredible at what she does and I 100% recommend her for all colorectal procedures.

   — Chris


We love Dr. Cali but hate the switch to a telephone call center. Dr. Cali is concise and explains things well. She came highly recommended by my mother’s gastro PA. When we went to my mother’s first appointment we left relieved that we finally had answers and a plan for moving forward and fixing her up. Her surgery is tomorrow. The only negative right now is the dang call center and that’s not Dr. Cali’s fault. If you hate the call center, too, and find it impedes your ability to communicate with your medical team PLEASE file a complaint about it. Again, it’s not something Dr. Cali has control over.

   — Barbara Armstrong


She is a great doctor and person. She listened and took time to explain everything. I did not feel rushed and she did not try to talk me into a procedure that I did not need. I have seen two different colorectal doctors at UT Health and Dr Cali is the one I would recommend.

   — Jackie Weaver


Always explains everything so I understand.

   — Clara Ries



   — Frank Johnson


She makes the very complex easy to understand, she is an outstanding doctor

   — Pete Healey


Dr Calli saved my life by finding my cancer. She’s thorough and gentle. I’ll never go to another gastroenterologist.

   — Lynette Mielke


After check in wait time was minimal. Doc was friendly, professional. After exam she explained exam and treatment options. I was very pleased with my visit.

   — Mossie Davis


Fabulous surgeon. Dr Cali is a true professional. She goes out of her way to take care of her patients.

   — John Martin


I haven't been in yet, but have an appointment 9-22 at 2:30 p.m. However, I have gone to Dr. Cali for about 7 years, maybe longer and she is a very professional specialist, as well as interested in her patients I have only positives regarding Dr. Cali and would recommend her to those I know, as someone who will be interested in them as a patient and as a person.

   — Bettye Blacklock Moore Blaschke


Beyond amazing dr!! She goes above and beyond for her patients!! Very thankful fo4 her

   — Rachael Noble


The gold standard of care. A sweet,kind,and caring physician. Her staff is also above and beyond the normal also very kind and attentive to your needs. We drove 762 miles from Georgia. The healthcare system needs more medical facilities like this one. I will make the drive again if I have to .The service and staff here are outstanding! Thank you.

   — Sids Channel


The gold standard of care. A sweet,kind,and caring physician. Her staff is also above and beyond the normal also very kind and attentive to your needs. We drove 762 miles from Georgia. The healthcare system needs more medical facilities like this one. I will make the drive again if I have to .The service and staff here are outstanding! Thank you.

   — Sids Channel


Very professional & I loved that I never felt rushed before procedures or after. She answered all my questions.. I would highly recommend Dr. Cali.

   — Tina Barone


Although there was a mix up with my medicine, I couldn’t be mad(it wasn’t the Doctors fault)...Dr Cali and the entire nursing staff were helpful and tried to make me comfortable in any way possible. One nurse went above and beyond what should be expected (Rachel). And once I was at home, Dr. Cali, called me to discuss medication and what I should expect in my recovery. You simply can’t get better care anywhere!

   — Kathy


She is a very kind and professional Dr. With a great bedside manner.

   — Traci Hitt


Absolutely, the most caring Dr. Ever.

   — Henry Francis


She Thank God .Is the best Dr. I have here in East Tx.

   — Nelli Flores312


Dr.Cali is the best.. I believe she has saved my life twice. The first time is when she found cancer early and the other time is when I had a terrible infection from a fistula. She seen me when no other doctor would. She truely does her 100% for her patients welfare and well being. I don't just concider her my doctor but a friend on a professional level.

   — Frank Smith


I love having her as a doctor. She is a very kind, caring, professional, and smart in her profession. I say she has saved my life twice. I couldn't find a colon/rectal doctor that would see me. She did.. She has found the cancer within seconds. Did a colonoscopy and biopsy the in the suspected area and it turned out positive. If I could give more stars I would. She has helped me tremendously. I had colon/rectal cancer that isn't showing on scans anymore thank to the oncologist I had, but I was in terrible pain. Afterwards I got a infection from a fistlua. She diverted my colon so now I'm on a colostomy bag that can (hopefully) be put back to normal depending on how the radiationized skin is in the area. Still have discomfort but pain is gone and best of all finally off pain meds after about 2 yrs. as to where I was starting to eat morphine like tic tacks. I was able to ween myself off of them and now none. So it's by choice to get off pain meds (cause of my hate toward pills and medications) but I couldn't do it without her doing the operation and she has done a great job. Healing went great, she checked on me to see if everything was going well. I see her as more then a doctor but as a friend. She truely is the best of doctors.

   — Frank Smith


I think that Dr. Cali is the most caring concern doctor I have ever met in my life. She takes the time with her patients she explains exactly what's going on and what her expectations are for her patient. She is just awesome

   — Carla R


Doctor Cali is caring, experienced and totally involved with the welfare of her patients above and beyond the call of duty. She will explain everything in understandable terms of any condition, procedure and recommendations she suggests. I have complete confidence in her abilities of assessing and treating my condition.

   — Keith Petitt


She is by far the kindest, most caring doctor I've met. Ever. I had a very good experience considering why I had to see her. I will keep her as long as I can.

   — Deb Lyn

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