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Reviews for Joe Moss, PA-C


Joe Moss listens & helps solve any medical problem you might have.

   — Patti Low


Excellent, and caring. Went for yearly checkup. Dr. Joe Moss, the nurse, and all staff were pleasant, knowledgeable, answered questions, and kind. Thank you

   — S Russell


Your service is very satisfactory.

   — Raman Srinivasan


Excellent care, Dr Joe will listen to all your concerns, and his staff is awesome getting you in and out, they call you with test results and help you with any refills or other needs you may have.

   — Tracy


Joe Moss is very knowledgeable and personable physician. He takes care in knowing a patient before prescribing pharmaceuticals and explains their potential side effects. The most recent medical research findings are available to him through his association with University of Tx. While Joe Moss provides a “small town doc” relationship and clinical environment, his collaboration with fellow clinicians affords him up to date knowledge and skills. I appreciate and have every confidence in doctor Moss, his personal character and his professional abilities. Read Less

   — Five Star Care


Dr Joe is always thorough in my care. He explains the reasons he thinks this will be best for me. He has been my health care provider since the mid 1990’s & I have total confidence in his decision for me.

   — Robynn W. Ayers


I was having pain in my back when I would get up. I told Joe where the pain was and he knew right off what was going on. I had to wait a whole week to get in, but I was thinking this symptom would go away. I know i could have gone somewhere else, but wanted to go where my doctor was and he knows me and cares. You can count on Joe to find what is going on. I am feeling so much better. Kudos to Joe...

   — Vicki


It was enlightening.

   — Mary Barfield


Staff friendly and knowledgeable.

   — Verlan Young


It was successful, he gives a good knee shot

   — Dianna Young


Joe Moss, PA-C is the best doctor I have ever had. I have seen him since I was a teenager and trust him with my life and my families. He cares about your life, well being and health! Treats you like family! Impeccable Care

   — Summer Choate


Joseph Moss is extremely personable and listens to what you have to say. He has my total confidence.

   — Shannon Smyrl


He has been my Dr for over 20 yrs!! He’s the best!

   — Sharon


Dr. Joe Moss is awesome. Most important, he listens to my concerns and I feel confident that his suggestions are for my good. He takes the time with me and I never feel as if he is trying to rush me out. He is very knowledgeable and knows what the issue, but always double checks. Both my husband and I are very pleased with him as our primary physician.

   — Terra Thacker


Thanks Dr. Joe Moss saw you with throbbing pain came out smiling which was your professional knowledge of expertise .Fixed my pain , made meJust One happy patient of yours an spread the word that you don’t hesitate to get my trust here in Rusk an know I have a very Great Dr With the Knowledge we all need Thanks Dr j Moss

   — Great Dr Knowledge With A Great Staff!!


Dr. Moss is a very caring and concerned physician. He always listens to my concerns and addresses them in a clear and specific way that I can understand. He spends all the time with me that I need and never makes me feel like he is in a hurry to get to his next patient.

   — Carol Bivin


Hands down my best experience with a medical professional EVER!!!! Not only was there a thorough and open dialog, there was a partnership formed in my care... He has a sense of humor and was just an all around a cool human being... 10 out of 10 will definitely see again!!!!!

   — Zombie Mom


He is a wonderful Dr.

   — Judy Harper


Routine visit

   — William B Griffith


My family and I have used Joe for over 15 years. He has never steered me wrong. From an elderly mother to a young infant at one time, and now a teenager. He never hurries, he listens and he is cautious but doesn’t require you to do multiple unnecessary test unless needed. The wait is sometimes long, however, I attribute this to the time he takes with each patient and his growing patient base coupled with less time in the office due to CoVid. He’s better and more accurate than most doctors I’ve seen!!!

   — Shana Ferrara


I've been seeing Joe for several years now. I am glad that he is my go to as he knows my medical needs extremely well and how to treat them so I can get back to work. Hell even let you know if you've been working so hard that your body isn't getting enough time to recover.

   — Tarvares Moore


Joe Moss does a great job of taking care of my health needs!!

   — Darrell Dement


Joe Moss, PA has been my primary care doctor for almost twenty years. He also is my mother's primary care doctor. With his help, she has gotten through seven strokes and is now doing well and has not had a stroke in years! For me, he is also amazingly professional, competent, and patient. He is always kind and down to earth, and he takes time to get to know you. He is the kind of doctor that could see you at the movies on Friday night and would remember your situations from the previous visits and ask how you are doing. I am not the best patient, and I tend to try to handle my own stuff, so when I go to him, it is so out of control that I realize that I can't handle it anymore, and he never even gripes about that. He just figures out what is wrong and helps me get better! We have been blessed to have him as our doctor!

   — Tammy Lawson


I have known Dr.Joe Moss for over 20 years. Joe is kind,considerate and has a bubbly personality. He not only manages your health care,he helps your mental health as well. If you are feeling down and just have the blues Joe has a way to get you out of the funk that you are in. So if you are looking and needing a great Dr.Joe Moss is for you. He and Dr.Mark Morris have always been the best,and would not trade them for anyone else that is for sure...

   — Jennifer Dotson


Joe Moss is a PA with more medical knowledge than and doctor/specialist I've ever had.

   — Mickey Price


He took time to listen to me and I had been having a severe cough for several years with fever. My family doctor was not taking care of me properly. When I saw Dr. Moss he asked me had I had An x-ray and I not. He did a chest x-ray and I had an pneumonia. I also had scarring on my lungs because the family doctor I used had never bother to do an X- RAY— I have never smoked in my life the scarring was because my family doctor had not treated me. Dr. Joe Moss did! I had excellent excellent care.

   — Lee Dawson


Joe Moss has been my primary care Physician for almost 20 years. He is the absolute best. He is smart, gentle, and cares about his patients. He takes time to answer all questions and follows through on any tests or procedures ordered.

   — C. Roberts


Dr.Joe Moss is a very good Dr. He doesn't just rush through his patients. He has time for any questions u have and he's sincere. I've been going to him for several years.

   — Leigh Ann Odom

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