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Reviews for Traci Cameron, APRN, MSN, CPNP


My girls and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mrs. Traci!!!! We started going to her with my now 7 year old, when she was in Jacksonville, and we've since then followed her to Rusk, lol! She is a beautiful spirit and always attentive and interactive with my girls when we have a visit. I would recommend anyone looking for a dependable pediatric nurse to her!

   — Chalita Wright


Traci is the best! She always takes wonderful care of my kids, and is friendly and knowledgeable. My kids love her. Highly recommend!

   — Brittany Gorham


My son and I couldn't have been happier to have such a loving and caring pediatrician. She has seen my son since birth and always shows deeply concern for her patients and takes her time to get to know them as well as their parents. I HIGHLY recommend anyone to Traci! She's the best!

   — Quandasha Scott


I refer all my friends to Traci Cameron she seems like she keeps up with each kiddo she takes in her care. She has been my boys pediatrician since birth and my daughter since 4years. Only because I didn’t live here. I drove from Palestine to Jacksonville and when she moved to rusk you bet I started going there.

   — Melissa Leshikar


Excellent NP. She is fantastic with children and actually takes time to see her patients.

   — Brenda


I met Traci Cameron for the first time this morning when taking my grandson in for a follow-up visit after the ER diagnosed him with viral pneumonia a few days ago. I wasn’t even aware we had a pediatric NP in Rusk. I was extremely impressed with her bedside manner and the way she and her entire staff interacted with my grandson. Her demeanor was very calming. She was not in a hurry. However, what impressed me the most was that she had apparently been sent the ER report from two days prior and she had reviewed and thoroughly read every detail before we even arrived. I know that the ER doctors send out their reports to the patient’s primary care physician, but I wasn’t sure who really took the time to read them. She definitely read his report and was aware of every detail of the visit!! I’m thrilled to have someone local taking such great care of my little angel!!

   — Shana Ferrara


Traci Cameron is fantastic! She takes her time, builds relationships, and explains when needed. I couldn't be happier with our care!

   — Brittany Middendorf

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