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Reviews for Thaddeus Tolleson, MD, FACC


Dr. Tolleson explained everything to me and always takes time with you and answers your questions. He’s a very caring doctor.

   — Dortha Barnes


I owe my life to this wonderful amazing Doctor...had he not caught my 95% blockage I may not be here to tell you this... His bedside manner is compassionate and he cares for and about all his patients. Doctor Tolleson, Thank you so much for being the amazing person you are

   — Kathy Jordan


Dr . Tolleson was so very personable, honest, straightforward and spent a lot of time explaining things with me and my wife! He has all of my trust and I am feeling wonderful since he worked on me. I highly recommend Dr Tolleson for your cardiac needs!

   — JGILL


Dr. Tolleson is very kind and attentive doctor. He listens and takes time to explain. He is very knowledgeable in his field and trust him

   — Kenneth Alexander


Dr. Tolleson is an amazing doctor! His level of professionalism is of the highest caliber! He is very patient and never rushes your appointment. His is considerate and listens to your concerns and takes the time to answer all of your questions. He has treated myself and I have referred four other family members to him as well as neighbors! I highly recommend him!

   — Stephanie Cochran


I have been seeing Dr Tolleson for almost 20 years and would not consider seeing anyone else.

   — Rick Collis


I have been seeing Dr Tolleson for over 15 years. He is very skilled, knowledgeable & friendly. He has taken excellent care of me

   — Ellen Williams


Dr. Tolleson I have seen over the past three years after a triple bypass ten years ago. He is quite simply the best.. Always professional, concerned and acts as if I am the only patient that matters when he is in the room. I have never once felt rushed, talked down to or in any way other than an equal. He wants to know my assessment of how i am doing so he can compare to the test results. He actually listens to what I have to say and factors same in. I am not a Doctor nor do i pretend to know what a medical Doctor does. I do know people however and Dr. Tolleson is a class act, this I know to be true..

   — Steve Waters


Excellent Doctor. He cares about his patients.

   — Tracie Campbell Dudley


was great

   — Doug Dotson


Great credentials, highly trained (Duke Cardiologist). immediately sat down to talk to me instead of standing over me. Didn't bring a computer in to room! Listened to me without interrupting while i described my concerns. I ended up needing a new heart valve. He talked to all of my family about procedure as well (i'm not a young man) and make sure they understood and were comfortable with plan. He was able to replace my worn-out aortic valve with a new one without open heart surgery using TAVR, where they take a new valve up through your artery in your leg to your heart and replace the old one without opening your chest! I was out of the hospital the next day!! I could not be more pleased with my care from Dr. Tolleson and his staff at UT Health Tyler. They are AMAZING!

   — Joe


He has been my doctor for several years. He is caring and gentle. He explains things well where you can understand.

   — Dortha Barnes


Been a patient for 10 years He is terrific Extremely thorough with yearly testing for heart problems I highly recommend

   — Richard Potter


My husband saw dr Tollison yesterday and was alarmed when the doctor came into the room without a mask on. Why did the doctor not have more respect and concern for this 86 year old patient during the COVID pandemic?



Excellent staff!! Dr. Tolleson is awesome, so personable, knowledgeable, easy to understand, and kind to his patients. I was so afraid, he and his staff guided me GENTLY through my process! Thank you alll!!!!

   — Desiree Crutchfield


Very informative, nice bedside manner, helpful.

   — Sabrina Cardenas


Dr Tolleson was wonderful. Since moving to Tyler I had to establish a new cardiologist and I made the right choice. He was kind and patient while answering questions. He had familiarized himself with my chart from my previous Doctor and we set up a plan for continuing care. He was confident and calming. The staff was amazing. His nurse and medical assistant were kind and very helpful. I absolutely recommend this Doctor

   — Judy B


He sits down and answers all your questions, he's a nice Dr. that I put all my trust in...I believe he is the best cardio Dr, I wouldn't want anyone else...Thanks Doc....

   — Robert Criddle


outstanding training. Personable, down to earth. Took the time to talk with my family about my condition. Great guy!!

   — Wes

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